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Jiffy Maid offers our Classic Cleanings for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly clients. Our 49 point check list aids us in providing consistent quality cleaning, however, on our initial home visit we like to walk with you through your home so you can point out the areas that are priority to you so that we can focus our time appropriately.


Dust furniture, woodwork, lamps and lampshades
Mirrors cleaned
Window sills wiped
Vacuum under the bed if accessible
Shake out rugs or vacuum
Carpets vacuumed
Overall appearance of the room left neat and tidy


Tub thoroughly cleaned, rinsed, and left shining
Tiles and chrome cleaned and left shining
Sinks scrubbed and left shining
Toilets scrubbed inside & out including base & behind
Vanity top cleaned (all items removed and replaced)
Dust towel racks, toilet paper holders and shelves
Mirrors cleaned
Sills wiped down
Vacuum and/or wash floor by hand


Picture frames dusted
Vacuum and/or wash floor by hand


Countertops & backsplash cleaned
     (all items removed & replaced)
Clean spills on Cabinet fronts
Stove top and top of range cleaned
Clean inside and outside of microwave
Sinks scrubbed (including behind sink) and left shining
Outside of oven, refrigerator and dishwasher cleaned
Sills wiped down
Wipe down the kitchen table and chairs as necessary
Floor washed by hand

All other living areas:

All furniture dusted
Picture frames dusted
Sills wiped down
Couch and cushions straightened (vacuumed if requested prior to cleaning)
Newspapers, magazines and books straightened
Hardwood or tile floors wiped down by hand
Lamp shades wiped down or dusted
Glass tables cleaned
Shake out rugs or vacuum
Carpets vacuumed
Overall appearance of the room left neat and tidy



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